Elizabeth Veglia has been creating mosaics from ceramic tile and glass for the past 35 years. 

She is renowned for the fluidity with which she handles the medium, making the tile flow like water.  

Her mosaic installations may be seen throughout the state of Mississippi and regionally.  

She has collaborated on mosaic works in New York City and Barcelona, Spain.  

Elizabeth Veglia Mosaics

art that lasts forever...

Elizabeth Veglia Mosaics has produced numerous government, community, company

and public mosaic projects.   Described below are a few of her large scale projects. 

 The Fallen Heroes mosaic mural is installed in the Visitors’ Center lobby at NASA’s Stennis Space Center

in Mississippi and memorializes the astronauts who lost their lives in service to the space program. 

Under Veglia’s direction, 1400+ visitors to the center each placed a piece of tile

into the background of the mosaic.  

In an episode of Extreme Home Makeover TV Program, Veglia installed an 88 square foot glass tile mosaic

in the design of a sweeping wave as part of the Hurricane Katrina Memorial, which commemorates

the resilience of the citizens of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the face of Hurricane Katrina.

 Elizabeth Veglia created the mosaic centerpiece for the lobby of Hancock Medical Center in Bay St. Louis, MS. 

The Three Graces offers a brilliant sunrise with children playing on the beach, designed,

with its billowing clouds and radiant colors, to uplift the viewer entering the facility. 

The Bridge Panels Mosaics portray a seacoast panorama sweeping across 500 square feet

on free-standing walls at the foot of the Ocean Springs-Biloxi, MS bridge,

newly restored after Hurricane Katrina.

In addition to the large installations, over the years Veglia has created wall hangings,

sculpture and furniture covered in mosaic.